Best Things to Do in Zakopane, Poland.

Zakopane in Polish means buried. Why? Because this town of Zakopane in Poland is literally buried in snow during the winter! But trust us: it’s a great place to visit all year round. The capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains is great for hiking, skiing and simply relaxing. Whether you take a day off in your hotel Zakopane, hike in the mountains or visit Aquapark Zakopane, you are sure to be impressed.Zakopane is only 6 hour driving away from the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

Krakow to Zakopane provides the easiest route from a major Polish city: the town is located only 1,5 hour driving from Krakow. You can either get there by car or book a tour with a private driver. There are many buses from almost every city in Poland to Tatry, Krakow to Zakopane train is a reliable option as well.
Whatever transportation you choose, it’s easy to get there because it’s a very popular tourist destination. Check out this post for more transportation information in Poland. In this post we present you with the best travel tips for visiting Zakopane.

What to do in Zakopane?

There is a reason we included Poland on our list of 12 epic places, and Zakopane is no exception. Everyone will find something for themselves here. Below, you’ll find a list of the top tourist attractions in the Polish Tatra Mountains. The weather in Zakopane is mostly cold, so bring a jacket no matter what you do! If you love winter sports, we especially recommend that when you come to Zakopane ski your heart out!


Gubalowka (1,126 metres AMSL)

Gubalowka is a very easy mountain to climb. You can get hike up to the top or buy a ticket for a gondola lift. You’ll get to Gubalowka directly from Krupowki (the main street) in Zakopane, winter capital of Poland.

Morskie Oko (1,395 metres AMSL)

Morskie Oko has been recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world by The Wall Street Journal. It’s very easy to get to the top. There’s an asphalt road leading directly to the lake. You can either hike up or take a ride by a horse-drawn carriage.
Morskie Oko lake (also known as The Sea Eye) has been recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world by The Wall Street Journal. No wonder why- surrounded by the high mountains, with crystal clear water, it truly is a natural wonder. In this post, you will find all the useful information for visiting Lake Oko including tips on how to get to Morskie Oko from Zakopane, traveling time, and tips for getting the most of your trip all year round.


Dolina Chochołowska

Dolina Chocholowska is the biggest and longest valley in the Tatra mountains. It’s 6 miles long and very easy to walk. To get there, take a bus from Zakopane, winter capital of Poland, to Siwa Polana. You’ll find the beginning of the hiking trail.

Dolina Strazyska

This is the shortest valley, located in the Zakopane. Go to Strążyska street to find the beginning of the hiking trail. Dolina Strazyska is only 2 miles long.

Dolina Gasienicowa

This is the most popular valley in the Tatra Mountains. It’s about 4 miles long. The beginning of the hiking trail is in Kuźnice. Take a bus from Zakopane to get there.

Dolina Koscieliska

This is the most beautiful valley in the Tatra Mountains. It’s 6 miles long. Take a bus from Zakopane to Kira to find the beginning of the hiking trail.

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