Nature Faces Self Portrait Craft, using Items Found in Nature.

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This is a fantastic self-portrait art activity for young children, using flowers and leaves and natural items collected on a nature walk or from around your yard and garden.

My daycare kids are crazy about arts and crafts of any kind, but one of their favourite art activities is making self portraits. We’ve made a number of them over the years, and I thought I would share a few of our favourites with you today.

Self portraits are a fun and creative way for kids to create their likeness using different mediums. They can be simple and one dimensional, made with just paint and paper, but the hooligans love it best when I provide them with a variety of interesting materials and art supplies to make their self portraits with.

This is a really cool art activity for toddlers and preschoolers, and a great boredom buster for a spring or summer day.

My daycare kids love creating self-portrait art. They also love crafting with flowers and leaves that we collect in the yard or while walking in the neighbourhood.

These “nature faces” are the perfect combination of both activities.

Your kids can create self portraits (or images of themselves) using the natural items they collect when playing outside.

Looking for these treasures when you’re out for a walk or a hike with your toddlers and preschoolers can turn an ordinary stroll around the neighbourhood into an exciting and magical adventure.

We often head out for our walks armed with baskets, buckets or even plastic bags so the hooligans can collect interesting natural items to make art with when we get home.

Sometimes we don’t even leave the yard for this. We’ll just wander around, plucking things from the lawn and garden that pique our interest.

This morning, we set off on a neighbourhood hike that took us into the green space behind our neighbourhood.

The kids had a great play and collected an assortment of treasures: grasses, flowers, leaves, buds, and maple keys.

Making art with our treasures

When we got back home, I thought it would be fun for the kids to make some faces with their findings.

I cut some ovals out of cardboard, spread our goodies out on the mat, and the Hooligans got down to work.

The older preschoolers didn’t require any help figuring out where their eyes, noses and mouths would go in order to construct a face similar to their own.

A tips for the toddlers

To help the little ones figure out where to glue their leaves and flowers, we lightly marked the facial features on their cardboard with a pencil. That helped them to know where to squeeze their glue

Speaking of gluing, it’s amazing how much the toddlers’ crafting skills have developed in the short time they’ve been here in our daycare. When they first started out, they didn’t have the strength to squeeze the glue bottles without assistance. Now they’re old pros at it.

What do you think of our “nature faces”?

Another free and easy idea for you and your kiddos to enjoy together, and a great excuse to get out of the house for a stroll around your neighbourhood.

Don’t you love a creative activity that doesn’t cost a thing?

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