Making Paper Airplanes

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Fold Your Own Aircraft and Watch Them Fly Now, any kid can turn a stack of paper into his or her own private air force! Making Paper Airplanes is your complete reference packed with colorful diagrams, graphics, and instructions, featuring ninety-one gravity-defying paper aircraft that really fly.



From origami fighter jets to tin foil helicopters and paper Spitfires, you and your child will learn hundreds of different ways to build successful flying devices from paper. Each model includes customized graphics so your aircraft will look the part as it sails through the air. Tear out, fold, and fly models such as:

  • Stealth Bomber
  • Kestrel Fighter
  • Dragon Desk Kite
  • Firefly Space Shuttle
  • Swallow Glider
  • Flashdance Stunt Flyer
  • Golden Flame Racing Plane
  • Supersonic Transport
  • And More!

All of these fantastic flying machines have been built and tested by the author to ensure that, with little more than a few folds and a couple of snips, your new creation can be airborne. Whether you are spending a summer’s day outdoors or a winter’s day indoors, Making Paper Airplanes will deliver hours of crafts, flights, and fun.