The Awesome Paper Airplane Book for Kids

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Get a crash course in airplane folding with step-by-step instructions and diagrams. Tear out and color the specially designed included paper, then fold your airplanes using the patterns on the paper to help you.



Creative Designs and Fun Tear-Out Projects

Let your creativity soar with paper airplanes―folding and flying fun for kids ages 6-9

Whoosh! Prepare for takeoff―you’re in for hours of high-flying, folding fun with these paper airplanes! Organized by airplane type and level of difficulty, this book is packed with 15 unique paper airplane designs for dart planes, wide-winged glider planes, and exciting stunt planes.

Find hands-on help with how to launch each type of paper airplane, plus troubleshooting tips for problem planes.

This kid-friendly book of paper airplanes includes:

  • Pilot in training―Simple instructions and diagrams help you level up your folding and flying skills as you progress from an easy Classic Dart Plane to an impressive Around the World Loop Plane.
  • Artistic airplanes―Make each plane a work of art by coloring it in, and then fold along the lines to create your own fleet!
  • Tips and techniques―Discover the best way to throw each of these amazing airplanes, what parts make up planes and how they fly, and tips on how to give your planes an extra boost.

Have a blast folding and flying your very own fleet of airplanes with The Awesome Paper Airplane Book for Kids.